Avoid any nasty surprises when it comes to the MOT test. We’ll turn it into a mere formality by running our own MOT preparation beforehand, so that you know exactly what needs fixing or replacing.

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Service Overview

Once your car is three years old, you’ll need to take an annual MOT test. We’ll check for the most common failure points, including tire tread, lights, bodywork, brakes, shocks, and exhaust emissions. We give you a transparent report of your car’s condition and roadworthiness. Our engineers can fix any problems on the spot to make sure you sail through the test in style.

Additional Service

While preparing your vehicle for yearly MOT it is worth checking engine oil, filters and brakes.

  • Oil and filter change
    No matter the make or model, we’re on standby to whip out the old and install the new – fluids and filters. There’s no better way to show your engine how much your care.

    Diesel service
    Because of the pressure your diesel engine works under, when things go wrong they do so spectacularly. Avoid a big repair bill by keeping your diesel engine humming along in perfect condition.
  • Brakes and Disc Skimming
    If most of your driving is around town, you should have your brakes checked every six months on average. If you’re hearing screeching or feeling a change in pedal pressure, it could be time to replace of skim your brakes right now. We’ll check your pads, discs and fluid and either replace worn components or skim your discs to restore proper performance.


Our team of mechanics and engineers are passionate about quality. Bring us your car, and we’ll take care of it like our own. Got a problem? We’ll run a thorough diagnostic test and fix it in a flash. Want to keep your car looking and running like the day you bought it? We’ll give it a full service to restore it to its former glory.

All our service, maintenance and repair work is performed by experienced, professional mechanics and covered by a warranty. We stake our reputation on being friendly, honest and reliable.

David H.
Brakes, Vauxhall Insignia 2009

Had an excellent experience with Peter’s Auto Repairs. Disks and pads all round came to half what Vauxhall and Kwik Fit quoted me. Had no surprises during the fitting and I was so pleased I got him to do additional work there and then, I will be going back in the future.

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